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about us

about us


With the aim of improving public knowledge and focusing on matters related to the health of the body and soul, the Tisa team tries to move towards the improvement of society as an active team in the field of mental health. Raising awareness, guiding and measuring is a cycle that will be completed with the help of you, the audience.

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دنیای شگفت انگیز

دنیای شگفت انگیز

11 شهریور 1402

This section, in addition to being entertaining, teaches children science and ethics and draws them into the imaginary and educational world of stories.

من و پینوکیو

Me and Pinocchio

9 آبان 1402

Making dolls is a fun way to teach children communication concepts. It fosters communication and essential social skills.”

معمار کوچولو

little architect

9 آبان 1402

A useful and fun experience for children interested in the world of buildings; an opportunity for children to discover the world of technology and creativity in the field of architecture.